UV Shoe Steriliser

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Unlike other sterilizers that use harmful UV light, our Shoe steriliser patented technology is a blend of VB (Violet Blue) LEDs and infrared Rays, that is 100% safe to use, and do the job better than UV can. 

If you suffer from toenail fungus, athlete's foot, foot or shoe odor, now is the time to get back to happy, healthy feet...order Shoe steriliser today and start wearing clean shoes. 


- Sterilises 99% of germs & fungi that causes athlete's foot

- Prevents fungal spore production

- Patented sterilising technology (LED+IR)

- Sterilises without damaging your shoes

- Sterilises and dries shoes in only 2 hours

- Smart auto-timer for 2 hours

- Portable & easy to use

- Extremely safe to use

- Share it with the family


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