Best backpack for work with expandable features

Packs twice as much and compresses in half, with patent-pending compression straps.

Adapts to your daily packing needs

Expand and compress without losing shape

Free up more space when you need to carry more things

PYTHO's Single-grip Expansion helps to unlock more space - fast. Pack the tools and gadgets you need for conquering any terrain, in just one shake. PYTHO expands up to 28-litres, perfect for all-day activities to 5-day trips.

Reduce backpack space on lighter days

Customizable to suit your ever-changing carrying loads, PYTHO's patent-pending compression straps is innovatively designed to work alongside existing offload straps. All you have to do is pull yourself together for a tighter carry and offload the weight from your shoulders.

Stash smaller items into convenient hip pockets

Small but not-forgotten items don't get left out of sight and sit (literally) by your side. Designed to be discreet, PYTHO's hip pockets are supported by YKK semi-auto lock zippers for added security.

From the natural jungle to the concrete jungle

Pack the gear you need to conquer the challenges you're made for.

The daily travel backpack - augmented

All-rounder, all-in-one, all for life's everyday demands.

Multi-functional design
for the active urbanite

Pack for the every day with easy-to-use space organization.

Made for active urbanites, loved by active urbanites

Khai Anwar
Fitness Trainer & Parkour Enthusiast, Singapore

Mandy Chan
CEO & Co-founder of The Bold Company, Singapore

Tom Smith
Broker & Fitness Enthusiast,
United Kingdom

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Take your shoes with you to be ready for any occassion

Take your footwear with you so you can put your best foot forward. PYTHO's kangaroo shoe compartment is lined with nylon that can fit up to Size 13 footwear.

Pack all your toiletries in one lean and smart cube

Simple quick access clip-on and clip-off for freshening up at short notice. PYTHO's Detachable Dopp Kit is easy to attach and remove with the help of magnetic fidlocks.

The kit is conveniently placed together in the backpack's sweat compartment for the ultimate travel-friendly backpack feature, all within your reach.

From concrete jungle to the virtual workspace

Made for moving from a 5-day trip, the early morning gym sesh,
to your workspace.

Pytho in detail

Overall Size

PYTHO stands at a comfortable 49cm and starts at 18-litres in volume. It can expand and hold up to 28-litres in volume for a heavier load, making it a convenient all-rounded backpack.

Front Compartment

The front compartment is a dedicated shower-and-sweat compartment. Lined with honeycomb-netted polyester that is 100% waterproof, you don't need to worry about your wet garments mixing up with the dry ones. This compartment also supports a Detachable Dopp Kit, perfect for storing all your toiletries.

Back Compartment

PYTHO's back compartment is where all your tech tools and travel packing reside. The tech compartment can hold up to 17-inch laptops and tablets, with secure magnetic clasps and false-bottom padding. It is also secured by YKK anti-theft lock zippers to keep this compartment enhanced security.

Pull yourself together, hustle on

Optimized backpack space, maximized daily activities.

Protect & organise your most important work tools

PYTHO's secure magnetic clasp works by harnessing the power of magnets to ensure its slot stays closed. So your laptops or tablets stay in place, always.

Take your 17-inch laptops or tablets wherever & whenever

A perfect fit for your most important work equipment, PYTHO's tech compartment enhances the safety of your tech tools with its false-bottom padding that cushions your backpack's drop or fall.

Store your dongles & cables in close-range so you never go out of battery

Flexible pockets for smaller gadgets that's easy to retrieve, PYTHO's tech compartment comes with two double-lined elasticated mesh pockets that hold your dongle close by.

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