3 Reasons Why Multi-Purpose Backpacks Are Great for Business Gifting

Multi-Purpose Backpacks for Business gifting

When it comes to motivating your employees, it is always important to remember that your tangible rewards should connect with what they really need, not just what your business can offer. It’s widely known that non-cash rewards motivate employees more than cash itself, most of the time. That is why choosing the right business gift for your employees is vital to keep them loyal and satisfied. Here are 5 reasons why picking multi-purpose backpacks can be an excellent business gifting option. 

1. Backpacks are great for a company swag 

The goal of business gifting is to offer a compelling motivation to your employees where you get to show them how much you care, and they get to be reminded of how much this business means to them, allowing them to feel satisfied, appreciated, and recognized.

While providing gift cards or cash rewards can be great for salespeople to exceed sales goals, branded or promotional gifts, such as multi-purpose backpacks, are far more motivating and mostly preferred by companies due to the great motivation they carry. In addition, in 2005, researchers at Northwestern University found that non-cash rewards are better when rewarding employees for better teamwork and increased customer satisfaction, among other organizational goals. 

So, choosing backpacks can be your new company swag where it gets to be the constant physical reminder of an employer’s appreciation and recognition of their hard work and dedication.

2. Professional individuals are always on the lookout for premium-quality bags

Who doesn’t like to have a Premium-quality bag? But when it is a premium-quality and multi-purpose backpack, it is even better. Professional individuals are constantly trying to make smarter choices to fulfill their life and save time, particularly in their dynamic and busy lifestyles. A Premium-quality backpack would allow your employees to feel appreciated and cared about while acting as a great productivity booster. You can also make it even more effective by enabling them to choose their favorite color when gifting a backpack, adding a personalization option that would make them happy and grateful, too. 

3. Multi-purpose backpacks provide flexibility to busy employees 

No one likes to carry their stuff in multiple bags, specifically not professional individuals who have a busy lifestyle. Offering your people multi-purpose backpacks can be a great way to show them you care about their needs. The flexibility a multi-purpose backpack can provide your employee is something you would indeed be thanked for, especially for saving their time and effort. For instance, in a rapid lifestyle, one can use the same backpack to carry their laptop in its dedicated compartment, clean gym or swimming clothes, and even their shoes or wet clothes in a different compartment. This way, one would have more options and flexibility to run errands, hit the gym before or after work, and do a lot more in their day without any need to waste time in between.

It is easy to give employees business gifts like cash or regular commercialized products, but it says far more about you and your business when you provide them with a real thought-for reward. So while you are at it, check out The Bold Co’s Quiver and Quiver X backpacks and the great benefits they offer for your rewarding employee program.
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