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What to Do with Your Old Backpack?

What to Do with Your Old Backpack?

Have you upgraded your everyday backpack, and you don’t want to throw your old one? It may be essential to look at some creative solutions for your old backpack before it hits the dump. Here are some great ideas to help you repurpose your old bag while enjoying your new upgraded one.


A new gym bag:

It is very unlikely that you will take a brand-new backpack to the gym. That’s why choosing an old bag that you can bring to the gym and then cart your sweaty workout equipment home can be important. Repurposing an old backpack into something to carry your equipment in can be a great choice.



A good quality backpack that doesn’t have a use anymore can be a helpful storage component at home. For example, you could fill up the bag with items you might want to hang in a closet, such as old hats, workout equipment, or items you don’t use very often. And, if you need a little reorganization, an old backpack can serve you as a great storage option. 



If your old backpack is still in great shape, you may want to consider donating it rather than throwing it away. There’s plenty of organizations that can accept such items and give them to schools around the world. This way, your backpack could serve as an excellent aid to a child in need. In addition, if your bag can be adjusted to child size, it could also find great use as a new school backpack for someone special.


Extra luggage:

Storing an old backpack and keeping it for extra luggage can be of great help when the time comes for you to move or if you need an extra carry-on bag for an upcoming trip. Having an additional old backpack around often makes it much easier for you to pack, plan, and travel without relying on more oversized luggage. 


Hanging garden:

If your old backpack has a zipper that doesn’t work in the front, you could simply line the bag with plastic sheeting and turn it into a hanging garden. You can keep the bag open and fill it up with soil, and then hang it in your room for a wide range of plants to grow, adding that extra touch of natural decoration to the place.

Keep some of these fun ideas in mind whenever you want to repurpose your old backpack instead of throwing it away. 

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