Backpack 101

How to Choose a Reliable Bag
The difference between a good backpack and a great backpack, are a matter of preference and consideration. But a key factor is on its reliability. Read on to find out what makes a backpack truly reliable.
What to Do with Your Old Backpack?
Daily wear and tear, trends, and needs change. That applies to backpacks, too. Before getting rid of your old bag, check out these 5 creative ideas to repurpose it before dumping it off.
4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Backpack
Putting aside price as a contributing factor, the value of a backpack relies on its features. Find out what you need to take into consideration before making that purchase.
3 Reasons Why Multi-Purpose Backpacks Are Great for Business Gifting

A multi-purpose backpack is all you need to show your employees you care about them and let them stay loyal and motivated in your business. Here are 3 reasons why picking multi-purpose backpacks can be an excellent business gifting option.