Why Forest Green?

Despite not being her favourite colour, JE's life is deeply intertwined with the color forest green.

Forest Green serves as a symbol of equilibrium and growth. Having started hustling at an early age of 15, moving out of her parents' home by 22, and becoming the financial backbone of her family, forest green has been a consistent presence in her life. It now represents her focus on health and wellness, which aligns with her values and lifestyle.

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Unleash your inner Bold

These associations make forest green an apt choice to symbolize the collaboration between JE and Bold, showcasing a shared commitment to a balanced and sustainable fit-minded urban lifestyle.

This is #BoldwithJE’s call to action for those who may have been hesitant to embark on a new and unconventional journey - Something new. Something Bold.

#BoldwithJE #BoldorNothing #UnleashyourinnerBold

A collaboration with @iamjiaen

More than a fitness event

Close to her heart, JE wants to use this chance to gather support for the children in need and a chance to excel in their lives - a chance for something Bold.

#BoldwithJE will be donating the proceeds of the entry fee of $10 gathered from the JE HIIT to Club Rainbow Singapore. The event will be will be held on 19 November 2023. Gear up!

#BoldorNothing #BeBold #BoldwithJE