5 Top Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas for Employee Reward Programs

5 Top Staff Appreciation Gift Ideas for Employee Reward Programs

Sending gifts to your employees goes way beyond ordinary notebooks and pen kind of gifts. It is an expression of appreciation and recognition of all the hard work and contribution an employee has made to the business. It is also one of life’s pursuits of happiness. So, here are 5 top staff appreciation gift ideas to help you choose the proper reward for your employees.

1- A Personalized Gift

One of the great ideas for business gifting or recognition-based awards is those personalized ones. This does wonders to employees’ spirits as it means much more to them than the regular generic gifts given to everyone. Some examples of excellent employee appreciation gifts are:

- Branded clothing

- Fun desk items

- Noise-canceling headphones

- Local products

- Branded tumblers

Such rewards show how much you care and willing to engage with your employees, and thus ultimately leaving them with a great sense of appreciation and loyalty to your business.

2- Small Plants

You can never go wrong with gifting your employees’ plants. They add a great touch to either their office space or home. This gift will appeal even more to those employees who love gardening and can even be a form of personalized gift to them! Choosing an elegant, lovely plant can brighten your people’s day and leave them happy and in a better mood to be more productive. 

3- Customized Water Bottle

With the increasing number of individuals opting for a healthier lifestyle, choosing a reward that can support that goal can be a great idea for employee gifts. Reminding your employees to drink water regularly by gifting them a branded or personalized water bottle is an excellent choice to show the alignment of work with their personal goals and lifestyle. Check out this great option of the Bold Thermo bottle and offer your people something they can seriously rely on while having their names on it, too.

4- Cool Sports Items

Sporty items are an excellent way to take care of your team members, mainly if they are already engaged in fitness or sports activities. This choice can also be a great way to combine fantastic functional items with a personalized gift. Moreover, presents like a performance t-shirt or backpack can give your employees a great impression while leaving them feeling cared for as the items can be used at work, gym, or a casual meetup.


Explore cool options like Anchor T-shirtNock Pack, or Quiver X to gift your people some of the best options out there.


5- Unique or Limited-Edition Products

While finding unique or limited-edition items can sometimes be complex or expensive, possessing a rare object is a cool factor that regular gifts can’t replicate. Some examples of that can be limited-edition jewelry kits, candies, skincare kits, perfumes, socks, or even phone covers. Suppose you want to go the extra mile and reward your best-performing employee for their hard work. In that case, this option can be a great way with some added personalization touch for remembering you.

Gifts will always remain a great way to show your people that you care, recognize, and appreciate them while increasing their loyalty level. As they use the gifts, they will start recalling the positive feeling of appreciation you gave to them when you gifted them.

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