Our Story

Making Gear to Propel You Forward

The Start of Everything.

Bold was a leap of faith that we took to create something that we could be proud of.

Things can change in an instant. Our first “instant” happened when we finally received our first tangible product in hand. It was surreal to see it take form from the sketches and prototypes over the months. It was the first feeling of accomplishment that we can ever imagine.

In the next year, we launched a Kickstarter campaign for our first bag, Quiver, which raised 400% of our original goal in 30 days. Today, Bold is not just a bag company. It is a place that empowers people to take a leap of faith and be bold.

We're Committed.

We noticed that there were not many gym bags that were catered to fit the needs of our fellow active urbanites. Our drive is to make designs everyday carry gear for active urbanites with sustainable and durable materials.

Hence, we manage to put in the consideration of the practicality and user-friendly features to ensure that it is built comfortably for them to use. We considered features such as the Shower Compartments, Anti-Theft Zippers, Front Pocket Card Slot & many more.

Our carry is meant to empower you to step out of your comfort zone to live the Bold life you’ve always dreamt of. #BeBold #BoldorNothing