Everything You Need To Know: PYTHO

Everything You Need To Know: PYTHO

Maybe you've seen an ad on social media, heard from a friend about us, or saw a video of our Co-Founder/CEO Mandy Chan somewhere on the internet. Better yet, you might have received an email or saw an Instagram post. You've probably heard the news...

PYTHO is 300% funded on Kickstarter!

We're super excited to ~release this into the wild~ and we know you're just excited to get your hands on this new backpack. We're opening up a preorder campaign period for the month of August and September in 2021, directly on our website.

What is PYTHO?

PYTHO is the first product we will be launching under our rebrand. It was a bold step to rebrand this year and with our motto of being bold, we challenged ourselves to kick things off with our biggest launch ever.

Why is it named PYTHO?

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that PYTHO had a completely different name initially?

In late 2020, when we were in the midst of workshopping our company's mission and vision, we wanted to focus on our hallmark of quality backpacks. Our rebrand was an opportunity to set new milestones for our products. We had lots of ideas for what the backpack could be named, but we wanted it to be a physical embodiment of what our community is.

We found that a lot of what we do as a company and as individuals in a team, was what everyone is doing every single day: pulling ourselves together and hustling on.

PYTHO is a call-to-action and an acronym: Pull Yourself Together, Hustle On!

Why choose the crowdfunding route for PYTHO?

We're a small company and brand, much like thousands of other small companies and brands. Starting out was and is the hardest, but with the help of crowdfunding, we believe it's a model that is efficient and sustainable for small companies and brands like ours.  

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo is a cost-efficient and sustainable option for brands or companies to launch innovative products. These platforms give brands like ours the opportunity to realise projects that would otherwise have been difficult outside of resource constraints.

Fortunately, from 1 August 2021, we will crowdfund directly on our website, where you can utilise interest-free payment services like hoolah to make your preorder purchase!

Preorder Pytho Backpack Now

What is expected in a typical crowdfunding campaign?

You place an order as usual and will receive your items in November 2021. 

Your items will be fulfilled in batches:
- Kickstarter backers will receive the first batch
- August & September preorders will receive the next batch
- October preorders will receive the last batch

Thereafter, Pytho will be available for purchase on our website from November 2021 onwards.

When does the preorder campaign kick-off?

Preorders will be LIVE on our website from 1 August 2021, 10am Singapore Time / 31 July 2021, 7pm Pacific Standard Time.

What makes PYTHO stand out?

Our design team, led by CK Koh and Cornelius Lee, started R&D for Pytho in June 2020 and began testing prototypes in December that same year. During this process, we found that there were numerous backpacks that used excess methods to allow for 1 backpack to change its volume for varying occasion needs.

Combining the needs of many working adults aged 25-44, with multiple activities and 

How does PYTHO fair compared to our previous backpacks?

Pytho is designed for larger and longer daily carry, making its size and volume considerably different to our previous backpacks, Quiver and Quiver X. Here's a size comparison:

When will PYTHO be retailing?

Our manufacturing time required is 45 days from the end of the campaign, which means it will be retailing online on our website from early November 2021. Your preorder will save you up to SGD$50 or 10% and you will be able to add-on its Detachable Dopp Kit as well.


PYTHO is our biggest launch ever and we're looking forward to a new era of Bold products for a bolder life. When you make a pledge on Kickstarter, you are automatically guaranteed lifetime warranty for the product - a Bold promise we want to deliver. So mark your calendar and set your alarm for our preorder campaign on 1 August 2021!


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