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Envision the lively energy of neon lights electrifying your radiant outdoor adventures, turning every moment into a thrilling urban escape.

Experience a vibrant transformation of your sunny days with the Neon Reflections Flare. Its glossy transparent dark grey frames perfectly complement the mesmerizing 'rainbow' green-blue-yellow lens. This brand new lens reflects the dynamic spectrum of colours, shifting gracefully as you explore various angles and environments, from lush greens to tranquil blues and radiant yellows.

These sunglasses feature a single, uninterrupted lens design, symbolizing your unswerving focus on excellence. Featuring the trademark no bounce, Asian fit, that Sunday Shades are known for, they stay securely in place even during your most vigorous activities. With polarized clarity and UV 400 protection, they are your dependable allies against the sun's relentless intensity.

Much like the city that never sleeps, Neon Reflections Flare seamlessly blends form and function, offering both style and performance. Channel the lively spirit of the urban landscape as you conquer new horizons and chase thrilling adventures under the sun.

Elevate your sunny days with Neon Reflections Flare – order yours now and discover a vibrant world of style and exhilaration!

Key features:
  • Transparent grey glossy frames
  • Memerising green-blue-yellow mirror single piece of lens
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Polarized
  • Snug fit, no bounce
  • Asian Fit
  • Unisex


  • 1 x Sunday Shades Co Sunglass
  • Sunday Shades microfiber pouch
  • Sunday Shades sunglass box



The actual colour can differ somewhat from those appearing in the photos. Contact us if you have any questions.

Why Do I Need Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized lens help to make your eyes more comfortable by minimizing glare. When you are driving or outdoors, this can really make a big difference!


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